Windows to different cities

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The interior design of o-View

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This is o-view

o-view is a semester project from AU, which will be presented at a demo-day the 19th of May.

Our main purpose with o-view is to create an interactive design, which will support the image of a smart city. Smart cities is a term, covering the way technology is infiltrating cities infrastructure. o-View is meant to be 360 degrees cinematic screens, showing livefeed moviestreaming of city – and nature-scapes from all over the world, including the temperature and humidity from the various locations. o-view works both as a mirror and a window, because the people admirring the cityscape also is part of a cityscape. That’s why the screens are supposed to be placed at public areas and not inside private buildings. In that manner, the people admiring o-view, also will become part of it.

Before the making of o-view we asked ourselves if it was possible to develop a digital design, containing technologies which rarely are accessible for the public. More over we also asked ourselves if we could simulate a somewhat realistic experience of being present in another city. We are aware of the hypermediacy of the interface and the clash between immersion and technology when medias try to act transparent.

Immersion, realism and haptic values will be in focus during our developement of o-View and questions like “How do we fascilitate the immense feeling that one gets when she experience another citiscape ? And how to facilitate¬†visuel experiences through virtual technologies by looking into an objective window to the world, without any impact of hypermediacy”. And is this even aesthetically possible ?

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